I work in program design, non-profit development, and research. My background is in social sciences, education, psychology, and public and community health.

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As a researcher, I am currently focused on advancing feminist research frameworks in collective knowledge production, with a particular interest in communty-based research outcomes outside of traditional academic research avenues. I have expertise overseeing and conducting research projects, as well as program evaluations, within community-based research frameworks, including participatory action research and community-needs assesments. 

In past research projects, I have overseen NIH (R01, R33, R21) and CDC-funded community health research initiatives at institutions including Columbia University School of Public Health, Columbia University Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Health, and CUNY School of Public Health.

My work in health research has been featured in multiple public and community health journals. My portfolio is eclectic and includes the evaluation of male-centered teen pregnancy prevention campaigns, analyzing adolescent attitudes on reproductive health and early romantic relationships, and supervising a team of field screeners of NYC Hanes, a New York city-wide epidemiology examination study.

Most of my projects have been developed and conducted in both English as well as in Spanish, and have an emphasis in bicultural Hispanic and/or Spanish-speaking populations. I have also supported qualitative research at The News School’s Department of Mental Health and Culture Lab, studying ethnically/culturally disparate therapist-patient dyads, The New School’s School of Social Research, and the New York University’s Psilocybin and Cancer Anxiety. I was also a fellow in the MIT Feminist Futures Hackathon, and was part of the Care Ecomomy research track.